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The Oregon Clinic offers comprehensive allergy testing and treatment to help patients suffering from allergies to dander, mold, pollen, and venom.

The Pacific Northwest has many irritants, including dander, mold, and high pollen counts, that cause miserable allergy symptoms for many of us.  

The Oregon Clinic’s Ear, Nose & Throat specialists are here to help. We offer in-office inhalant allergy testing and comprehensive treatments for allergies and their associated symptoms at our many convenient locations. 

Allergy Testing 

The first step in treatment is identifying which allergens are causing your discomfort. This test also helps physicians rule out any underlying medical issues that could be creating similar symptoms. Allergy testing at The Oregon Clinic is done in office at one of our convenient locations and requires minimal preparation on your part. Some clinics provide food and venom allergy testing. Please ask your clinic if these tests are available at their location.

Your Comprehensive Plan 

After testing, your physician will explain results and work with you to choose the most effective and appropriate treatment options, including possible oral treatments or shots. 


  • Allergic rhinitis (hay fever) 
  • Chronic sinusitis 


  • Allergy testing
  • Environmental therapy 
  • Immunotherapy
  • Medical therapy
  • Sublingual immunotherapy