Foregut Surgery

The Oregon Clinic offers highly advanced surgical treatment for esophageal and gastric diseases specializing in minimally invasive techniques. 

The esophageal surgeons of The Oregon Clinic are internationally recognized as providers of the most advanced and comprehensive care of all aspects of esophageal and gastric diseases. We specialize in advanced minimally invasive treatments of foregut diseases including the diagnosis and definitive care of a wide variety of disorders such as reflux disease, swallowing disorders, hiatal hernias, premalignant conditions, and cancer. Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated by our superior outcomes, continuous quality assessment, high patient satisfaction, and more than 300 peer-reviewed publications. 

The Oregon Clinic’s esophageal and gastric surgeons are dedicated experts, devoting their practice to helping patients with upper GI tract problems. We believe in integrated care for digestive diseases, making all aspects of care easier and effective for patients and providers. Whether it is advice/consultation, diagnostic testing or surgical care, we offer a single point of care for patients suffering from disorders of the upper GI tract, such as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), trouble swallowing, or dyspepsia. We are also nationally known for our treatment of Barrett’s Esophagus and esophageal and gastric cancer. 

Practice Highlights 

  • All aspects of surgical treatment for esophageal and gastric diseases specializing in minimally invasive techniques. 
  • High volume experience with an international reputation for innovation and excellence in clinical care. 
  • Pioneers in the latest techniques, including transoral flexible endoscopic therapy for GERD and achalasia. 
  • Well-established regional esophageal testing laboratory with the most sophisticated modalities, including high-resolution esophageal testing, laryngopharyngeal testing, sedation-free in office, trans-nasal endoscopy. 
Let’s Talk about Reflux! GERD with Dr. Christy Dunst, MD, FACS.


  • Achalasia and other motility disorders 
  • Atypical chest pain 
  • Barrett’s esophagus 
  • Dysphagia 
  • Esophageal diverticulum 
  • Esophageal and gastric cancer 
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) 
  • Gastroparesis 
  • Hiatal hernia 
  • Obesity-related GI problems 
  • Swallowing disorders 


  • Complex esophagogastric surgery 
  • Endoscopic radiofrequency therapy (STRETTA)
  • High-resolution esophageal manometry (HRM) 
  • Impedance testing 
  • Laparoscopic magnetic sphincter augmentation (LINX) 
  • Per-oral endoscopic myotomy (POEM) 
  • Restech laryngeal pharyngeal reflux (LPR) testing 
  • Sedation-free trans-nasal endoscopy 
  • Traditional and wireless pH testing
  • Trans-oral incisionless fundoplication (TIF)