Burn Treatment & Surgery

Our burn doctors are specially trained in managing urgent and non-urgent treatment of burns, including thermal, chemical, and electrical burns, as well as treating complex skin and soft tissue injury.

At The Oregon Clinic General Surgery & Burn Specialists, we are experts in general surgery, burn treatment and surgery, and complex wound management. Our group includes board certified surgeons with fellowship training in general surgery and burn surgery. We perform a range of general surgery procedures including several types of hernia repair, gallbladder, pilonidal disease, small bowel, minimally invasive, and robotic surgery. We are happy to provide fast access to appointments & treatment that is individualized for optimal health outcomes. We are proud to collaborate closely with our other specialty groups and community partners to improve the health and lives of all patients.

As the region’s exclusive providers of burn specialty care, we are members of the American Burn Association, and hold a directorship role with the Legacy Oregon Burn Center. We provide services in the ICU, inpatient, emergency, and outpatient settings for both adult and pediatric patients. We see burn patients through their entire course of care from initial burn injury to both surgical and non-surgical burn scar management, including laser treatment. Our highly specialized training and close partnerships allow us to fill a necessary role in the healthcare community both locally and regionally.


  • Acute burns
  • Hard-to-heal wounds
  • Scars


  • Advanced wound care
  • Burn treatment
  • Laser scar treatment
  • Skin grafting