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At the Oregon Clinic, our highly trained radiologists and radiology technologists are committed to partnering with providers to ensure that their patients receive high-quality imaging studies in our diagnostic imaging center, and we work to make most study results available within one business day.  


Highest Quality
Our digital CTs and MRIs, as well as ultrasounds and x-rays, are interpreted by board-certified radiologists, many of whom have completed additional fellowship training in their area of specialization. Our registered technologists have between 15 and 20 years of clinical experience and our facility is accredited by the American College of Radiologists (ACR).

Low Radiation
Our top of the line equipment means that patients receive 50-70% less radiation during CT scans. 


Ease of Scheduling
Our office schedules directly with you, and we are often able to provide same or next day services depending on your individual insurance and the type of imaging study that is being ordered. 

Cost Effective
Our services are on average at least 25% less expensive than at area hospitals

Fast Results
Results are sent to your provider by the next business day.  

LocationEasy Access
Our office is located next to the Gateway Transit Center, just off I-84 and 205. There is free parking in front of the building and the Imaging center is on the 1st floor near the entrance. 

Highly Rated Patient Experience
98% of our patients rate us highly and would refer us to family and friends. Our team takes extra care to explain procedures thoroughly and offer support and kindness. We customarily run on time and patients report a quicker in/out experience than in a hospital. We even provide warm blankets and scrubs to patients!

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Radiologists are physician specialists with extensive training in obtaining and interpreting medical images. They have a comprehensive understanding of physical anatomy and a range of conditions and diseases. The Oregon Clinic partners with a team of board-certified and specialty trained radiologists who interpret our studies and consult with your primary care physician and other specialists to evaluate conditions, diagnose illnesses and prescribe treatments. 


Ronald Kizziar photo

Ronald Kizziar, MD, MPH

Richard Koesel photo

Richard Koesel, MD

Tyler Lippincott photo

Tyler B. Lippincott, MD

Mathew Orth photo

Matthew Orth, DO

Sarah Rogers photo

Sarah Rogers, MD

James Tsai photo

James Tsai, MD

Body Imaging

Jonathan Carnell photo

Jonathan Carnell, MD

Henry Chow photo

Henry Chow, DO

David Greenberg photo

David Greenberg, MD

Lyudmila Morozova photo

Lyudmila Morozova, MD

Mikhail Nekhline photo

Mikhail Nekhline, MD

Stacy Yamasaki photo

Stacy Yamasaki, MD

Women's Imaging

Deborah Arnold photo

Deborah Arnold, MD

Michael Neuman photo

Michael Neuman, MD

Hayley Oligane photo

Hayley Oligane, DO

Richard Vigran photo

Richard Vigran, MD


James Hasenauer photo

James Hasenauer, MD

Ly Huynh photo

Ly Huynh, MD

Vascular/IR Imaging

David Cheng photo

David Cheng, MD

Mark Gibson photo

Mark Gibson, MD

Hasnain Hasham photo

Hasnain Hasham, MD




Order Form

Use our Order Form to order Imaging tests.

  • Please fill out all sections completely (by hand or digitally)
  • Print form and have ordering clinician sign order
  • FAX order to Imaging at 503-963-2982
  • If study is needed same day, or is urgent, please call our office at 503-963-2980 for scheduling assistance after faxing orders


Click on the corresponding icon for a detailed order guide:

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Health Plans Accepted

The Imaging Center at The Oregon Clinic accepts most insurance plans. Click here to see a list of accepted health plans at our Imaging Center

If you have a question about whether a specific insurance program is accepted, please call us at 503-963-2990


Wonderful experience! Everyone was kind & courteous. I am claustrophobic so I loved the new/bigger MRI machine it was very comfortable. Thanks to all for a positive exam.

The gentleman who took be back for my exam was very kind and considerate. The nice tech had just the right tone of voice during the scan—confident and considerate. Thanks to you both!

Took the trauma and fear right away and brought happy smiles instead—(and I am oldish). So much appreciation for kindness these days.

Not my first time here. You provide excellent service.

This MRI was the best I ever had in the past 35 years. I am very happy.

Super job for everyone who helped to make me feel comfortable & personalize my experience.