59 Doctors at The Oregon Clinic Recognized by Peers as Among the Best

Monday, January 23, 2017

The Oregon Clinic

A record 59 doctors at The Oregon Clinic (TOC) were recognized by their peers as among the best in the region this January. Spanning a variety of specialties, Portland Monthly’s 2017 Top Doctors & Nurses list included TOC doctors in Ear, Nose and Throat; Gastroenterology; Neurosurgery and more. With nearly 250 specialists in the region, more than 20% of The Oregon Clinic’s providers made the Portland Monthly list this year.

“Being recognized and trusted by your peers in your field is one of the highest recommendations you can get,” said Dr. Craig Fausel, CEO at The Oregon Clinic. “We know we have some of the best specialists in Oregon working at The Oregon Clinic, but it feels good to have that validated by other local medical providers.”

For many Portlanders, the Portland Monthly list is a go-to place to find a new doctor or specialist. The magazine’s annual Top Doctors & Nurses project compiles a “peer-vetted, go-to list” of doctors and nurse practitioners in the region. To determine who is the best, Portland Monthly solicits peer nominations from every licensed doctor and registered nurse in Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas Counties, asking what peers they would entrust their own families care to. Thousands participate in the survey, generating more than 12,000 nominations in 2016. The published list represents only the top five percent of nominees.

The Oregon Clinic serves more than 350,000 patients each year in 30 specialties and sub-specialties, spread out across 59 locations in the Portland metro area. Last year, 31 providers at The Oregon Clinic were recognized on the Portland Monthly list.

The Oregon Clinic Doctors included on Portland Monthly’s 2017 Top Doctors & Nurses list:

Kevin Reavis, MD
Colon & Rectal Surgery
Rehan Ahmad, MD
Amanda Hayman, MD
David O’Brien, MD
Mark Whiteford, MD
Ear, Nose & Throat
Edsel Kim, MD
Brian Shaffer, MD
Samuel Shiley, MD
Roger Wobig, MD
General Surgery
Shaghayegh Aliabadi, MD
Niknam Eshraghi, MD
Jordana Gaumond, MD
Paul Hansen, MD
Richard Jamison, MD
Kelvin Yu, MD
John Zelko, MD
Kent Benner, MD
Sidharth Bhardwaj, MD
Harry Bray, MD
C.Y. Michael Chang, MD
Viju Deenadayalu, MD
Jeffrey Douglass, MD
Kenneth Flora, MD
David Grunkemeier, MD
Erica Heagy, FNP
Jeremy Holden, MD
Donald Lum, MD
Izabela Maciolek, PA-C
Michael Phillips, MD
Michael Sheffield, MD
Hong Shen, MD
Erik Van Kleek, MD
Amy Zhu, MD
Karen Parker, CNM
Joshua Ramseyer, MD
Richard Rosenbaum, MD
David Antezana, MD
Vivek Deshmukh, MD
Braidon Freeman, PA-C
Pankaj Gore, MD
Oisin O’Neill, MD
Michael Sandquist, MD
Frederick Vincent, MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Clea Caldwell, DO
Liana Corliss, FNP
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Samuel Bartholomew, MD
Clifford Canepa, MD
Pulmonary, Critical Care 
& Sleep Medicine
William Bowerfind, MD
David Hotchkin, MD
Robert Kim, MD
Michael Lefor, MD
Louis Libby, MD
Thomas Schaumberg, MD
Radiation Oncology
Stephen Bader, MD
Eric Hansen, MD
Alice Wang-Chesebro, MD
Michael Kaempf, MD
Gilbert Klemann, MD
Lance Marr, MD

For more information, visit https://www.pdxmonthly.com/articles/2016/12/21/portland-top-doctors-nurses-2017.