Gastroenterology East at Gateway

Located at Gateway Medical Office Building

1111 NE 99th Ave
Suite 301
Portland, OR 97220
M-F: 8:00am - 5:00pm
TEL: 503-963-2707
FAX: 503-963-2802

The Oregon Clinic Gastroenterology East our physicians are leaders in caring for patients with diseases of the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon, rectum, pancreas, gallbladder, and liver. We are committed to providing compassionate, expert care to every patient.

We continually seek advanced techniques for diagnosis and treatment. We were the first clinic in Portland to use endoscopic ultrasound, an imaging method that enables physicians to see and identify changes in the digestive tract more accurately. This technique benefits patients in many ways, from early detection to the prevention of unnecessary surgery.  We also offer spyglass technology giving our physicians the ability to directly look into bile ducts. Our capsule and balloon enteroscopy techniques allow for a thorough evaluation of the small intestine. 

Since November 2014, each of our three gastroenterology groups has been participating in the GI Quality Improvement Consortium (GIQuIC) program. Being part of this organization requires a focus on enhancing patient care through real-time peer-based performance evaluation. Click to read more on the GIQuIC website.

Endoscopy Center Ownership

  • Harry Bray, MD
  • Viju P. Deenadayalu, MD
  • Rebecca Fausel, MD
  • Ken Flora, MD
  • Jeremy Holden, MD
  • Betty Kim, MD
  • Kirsten Kinsman, MD
  • Phillip Kiyasu, MD
  • Donald Lum, MD
  • Michael Phillips, MD
  • James Regan, MD
  • Alan Savoy, MD
  • Hong Shen, MD
  • Lehel Somogyi, MD
  • Anne Wang, MD
  • Amy Zhu, MD


Gateway Medical Office Building
1111 NE 99th Ave
Suite 301
Portland, OR 97220


  •  Enter the parking lot on NE 99th Ave using either lane
  •  Take a ticket and keep it with you
  •  To exit the parking lot, follow EXIT signs
  •  The parking lot exits onto NE Pacific St


  •  Use the circle driveway in front of the building
  •  Enter the parking lot from NE 99th Ave
  •  Go forward and turn right into the circle drive


  •  Go through the sliding glass doors
  •  GI Clinic is on the 3rd floor
  •  Enter through front door and turn right
  •  You may choose to use the elevator or staircase
  •  Go to 3rd floor
  •  Exit the stairs/elevator and turn left
  •  For the GI Clinic (Suite 301), check in at the first desk on the right
  •  For the Endoscopy Center (Suite 302), check in at the second desk on the right

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