Virtual Visit Instructions

1 to 3 Days Before Your Visit

Day of Your Visit

  • Limit disruptions
    • Find a quiet, private place to have your visit.
    • If you are using a phone or tablet for your visit, set it up so it is steady and the doctor can see you clearly. 
    • We understand that your car may be the best place to take your appointment. If so, please be parked in a safe location. Do not drive while on your virtual visit.
  • Have back up
    • If possible, have a back-up phone, tablet or computer in case you have technical issues.
  • Start early
    • Leave plenty of time to get ready for your visit to fix any technology issues that may come up.
    • Join the visit 5 minutes before your scheduled visit time.
    • A staff member at your doctor’s office will join the virtual visit at your appointment time and start the check-in process.