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Meet Dr. Rodger Sleven, Gastroenterologist

Meet Dr. Richard Rosenbaum - Neurologist

What is the Portland Parkinson's Program?

Meet Dr. Jeffrey Douglass, Gastroenterologist

Meet Dr. Michelle Beilstein, Gastroenterologist

Meet Dr. Michael Sheffield, Gastroenterologist

Meet Ken Reckard, Physician Assistant

Meet Dr. Jeffrey Duman, Gastroenterologist

da Vinci Surgery Patient Testimonial - Single-Site Cholecystectomy - Kasia

Kasia talks about her experience with da Vinci Single-Site Cholecystectomy.

da Vinci® Single-Site® Animation Video - Cholecystectomy

da Vinci® Single-Site® Patient Video, you can see how da Vinci® Single-Site® Surgery works, how instruments move and work inside the body -- with a surgeon at the controls.

da Vinci® Surgery Patient Testimonial - Hysterectomy - Deanna

"It's definitely surpassed my expectations really, to see now a year later I'm 25 pounds lighter, I'm more active now than I have ever been, I'm more involved with my children."

da Vinci® Surgery Patient Testimonial - Hysterectomy - Jeanne C

"The experience I had did meet my expectations. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the minimal amount of pain that I did have after, and how quickly I did recover and go to work."

da Vinci® Surgery Patient Testimonial - Hysterectomy - Mary Ellen

"I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids back in 1999 before I even had kids." Mary Ellen, a da Vinci® Surgery patient, shares her story.

da Vinci® Surgeon Testimonial - Dr. Arnold Advincula

A da Vinci® Gynecologist shares his perspective on da Vinci® Surgery.

Home Sleep Test: Alice PDx - Portable Diagnostic Recorder