Personalized Asthma Care & Education (PACE)

What is PACE?

The PACE Program consists of 4 office visits. The initial visit will focus on information gathering through history, physical exam, and testing. The 3 subsequent visits will focus on maintenance of asthma control through medications and education.

Why do we offer this program?

At The Asthma Center at The Oregon Clinic we are devoted to providing personalized health care for our patients. Providing individualized asthma education and a comprehensive evaluation and treatment of co-morbid conditions can be time consuming and difficult to accomplish in a busy primary care practice. Asthma patients experience improved quality of life and outcomes when and they have a personalized, detailed asthma care plan to follow and their co-morbidities are well controlled. Our team targets the specific unique needs of each asthma patient to complement the primary care provider’s ongoing care.

What does this program offer?

Visit 1:

A comprehensive history and focused physical exam will be obtained. The history will focus on asthma symptoms, triggers, exposures, response to medications and other factors which may be affecting your asthma control. Testing will be ordered to evaluate or confirm findings. Additionally, medications will be adjusted according to the latest evidence-based guidelines to maximize control of your asthma. A follow-up visit (Visit 2) will be scheduled when testing is complete and after a trial on any new medications.

Visit 2:

Your physician will review all tests results from Visit 1 with you. Your asthma control and response to medications will also be assessed. If your asthma remains uncontrolled your medications will be adjusted. 

Visit 3:

You will see a certified asthma educator. Your response to medications and asthma control will be assessed. Asthma medications will be adjusted if needed based on your symptoms. An individualized asthma action plan will be developed which will help you identify worsening asthma control and give recommendations on how to take appropriate action when you are ill.

Visit 4:

Your physician will review your asthma control and response to medications to determine if further evaluation is needed. You will then have the option to continue to routinely follow in the Asthma Center or return to your primary care physician for your asthma treatment and see us on an as needed basis.

All test results, progress notes, asthma action plan and education provided will be sent to your primary care provider.

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