Doing Business With Us

We do business from a centralized purchasing and contract department on the basis of authorized purchase orders or contracts for supplies, services, and equipment. Sale of products or services, quotations, and contract negotiations must begin with contacting The Oregon Clinic Supply Chain Management, located at TOC corporate offices at 847 NE 19th Ave. Ste 300, Portland, OR 97232.

Authorized purchase orders are issued only by: Supply Chain Management Department

The Oregon Clinic is not responsible for reimbursing suppliers for unauthorized transactions.

Vendor Policies

The Oregon Clinic does not allow vendors to "cold call" at our facilities and does not accept unsolicited quotes/bids. Appointments are required and require approval. 

Violation of this policy may result in you (and potentially your company) being prohibited from doing business in/with The Oregon Clinic and any of its associated facilities. All proposals must be presented to and routed through The Oregon Clinic Purchasing department. 

How to reach us

To request appointments and provide proposals, please reach out to [email protected].

Thank you for your cooperation and support of our program. 

Purchasing Objectives

The best-delivered cost must not be confused with the lowest possible price. TOC will not select products or services solely based on price. We will evaluate all quotations and proposals and complete the due diligence before selecting a supplier or product. Due diligence will include – but is not limited to – an assessment of:

  • Cost of product or service
  • Freight packaging
  • Payment terms
  • Product quality and manufacturing efficiency
  • Service capabilities
  • Business synergy
  • Electronic commerce
  • Clinical outcomes 
  • Customer references

In some circumstances, we may elect to establish multiple sources for a product or service.