Top 5 Reasons to Visit Our OB/GYNs

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Oregon Clinic

1. Let’s talk about sex!

There’s no need to hold back when talking with us! We want to hear your stories and struggles because we are here to help guide you through.

2. Family planning & birth control

We can help trouble shoot why getting pregnant can be complicated. We can also discuss all birth control options, whether you’re interested in an IUD, oral contraception, the “arm thing” called Nexplanon, or permanent sterilization. We’ll help you decide the option that works best for you!

3. Heavy or irregular periods – our specialty!

Is your heavy period stopping you from doing things or going places? Are you struggling with not knowing when your period is actually going to start? We want to hear about your period problems – don’t suffer alone when we are here to listen.

4. Wellness, nutrition, and fitness goals

We want to help you create the best possible YOU that you can be. We will talk with you about tips for a nutritious diet and encourage you to create fitness goals that work for your lifestyle.

5. Because we are just like you

We are mothers, daughters, friends, and partners dealing with the same issues you are. We’re here to provide you with friendly, compassionate care.

Your annual OBGYN well exam isn’t just about your pap smear – we care about your body as a whole. Regardless of who you are and how you identify, we are here to support you. Come visit us today!