The Oregon Clinic’s Dr. Gilbert Klemann and Dr. Lance Marr complete training for the revolutionary robotic-assisted surgery

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Oregon Clinic

The Oregon Clinic announced the availability of a minimally-invasive method to treat patients diagnoses with prostate cancer – robotic-assisted surgery. Dr. Gilbert Klemann and Dr. Lance Marr with the Urology Division of The Oregon Clinic now offer the da Vinci robotic prostatectomy.

Surgeons use robotic technology to remove cancerous tissue and at the same time spare nerves surrounding the prostate that control bladder and potency. This very precise surgery is performed through five small pen-sized holes in the abdomen. The procedure incorporates a state-of-the-art surgical system that helps the surgeon see vital anatomical structures more clearly and to perform a precise surgical procedure. The benefits are numerous for patients that meet the medical criteria for the minimally invasive procedure versus the open procedure.

“Multiple clinical studies have shown that the da Vinci® Surgical System offers patients shorter hospital stay, less pain, scarring, risk of infection, blood loss, transfusions, and faster recovery,” said Dr. Lance Marr. “With this additional training, we can now offer the patients a choice in their surgical treatment options for prostate cancer.”

If you are interested in learning more about the da Vinci® Surgical System at The Oregon Clinic, please contact The Oregon Clinic – Urology Division at 503.215.2399.