The Oregon Clinic partners with Central City Concern

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Oregon Clinic

Making a Difference

We’re proud to support Central City Concern (CCC)—an extraordinary local non-profit organization that shares our commitment to serving our local communities.

In 2016, TOC made our commitment to community service official by becoming an Oregon Benefit Company. This designation inspired us to make an even more meaningful difference in our community by partnering with CCC.

Founded in 1979, CCC has supported more than 13,000 Portlanders each year who are affected by homelessness, poverty and addiction. Because they understand homelessness is caused by a variety of factors, they take a comprehensive, three-pillared approach by providing housing, healthcare and recovery (including mental health and addiction treatment) and employment support.

Partnering with CCC was a natural fit for us, as these issues impact our patients, our clinic staff and all of us living in Portland. As Portland continues to struggle with its housing crisis, we believe CCC’s three pillars are a critical solution for our community. We’re extremely proud to partner with them and be part of the positive change.

Focus on Giving Back

Many of us at TOC see and treat those impacted by homelessness, addiction and mental health issues in our clinics and at hospitals and often feel powerless to address the significant challenges these patients are facing.

Our partnership with CCC allows us to make a tangible difference in the lives of our homeless patients and neighbors. CCC provides The Oregon Clinic staff with information and resources we need to be prepared to help patients who need addiction treatment or housing. We’re able to expand our relationships with these patients and steer them toward holistic care that will have lasting impact on their lives.

One of our staff members described a recent experience she had sharing CCC resources:

“I had an opportunity to share CCC contact information with a woman who was seeking housing for herself and her son. In my brief encounter, she shared some of her story about the challenges she faces with housing and drug addiction. I felt it was important that she and her son have support in many areas from one source as she was simply exhausted from the effort it takes every day to survive. She was pleasantly surprised and thankful that there was one resource available for many of her needs. I hope she was able to get the help she needs to overcome the difficulties they are facing.”

Since our partnership with CCC began in 2018, TOC staff have supported CCC efforts in a variety of ways – including fundraising events, and donation drives providing much-needed socks, back-to-school supplies, and pots and pans for CCC residents new to housing.

We believe a stable life begins with both good physical and mental health – and we’re looking forward to strengthening our partnership with CCC and helping create lasting transformations in our patients’ lives.

To learn more and find out how you can help in our efforts, visit