The Oregon Clinic to Launch New Electronic Health Records System

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

The Oregon Clinic

Portland, OR — The Oregon Clinic (TOC) will transition to a new electronic health records (EHR) software, using an Epic system provided through Tegria, a healthcare technology services and consulting company. This Epic EHR system will increase efficiencies for Oregon Clinic providers, simplify access to health records for patients, as well as improve continuity of care for patients and communication between physicians. Implementation will likely be completed by the first quarter of 2024.

Tegria was launched by Providence St. Joseph Health in October 2020 to help customers humanize healthcare. Its Managed Services organization extends Providence’s Epic instance in an affordable manner to community hospitals, private specialty physician practices and other caregiver organizations who benefit from access to a consistent set of patient data.

The Oregon Clinic proudly remains an independent specialty medical and surgical group that provides specialty care for patients referred from Providence, Legacy Health, Adventist Health, OHSU, and many providers across Oregon and beyond.

The Oregon Clinic made the important decision to transition to a new EHR to improve efficiencies in clinical workflows and to improve continuity of care through seamless sharing of chart notes and information with local and regional hospitals and providers. The Oregon Clinic will also benefit from access to the latest industry tools for quality tracking and compliance while staying current on security and privacy advancements. Working with Tegria opens the door to seamless collaboration across 8 states, 60+ hospitals, and 70,000+ providers in a single system

“We are making an investment in this EHR system to improve access to care and health information for our physicians and patients,” said Dr. Richard Jamison, President of The Oregon Clinic. “Our specialists work closely with primary care providers and other specialists to serve our shared patients and this system will simplify this important collaboration to ensure the best possible care for our patients.”

After implementation, TOC patients will be able to access their medical history and information easily through the MyChart platform. MyChart is Epic’s patient portal, giving patients a user-friendly interface with real-time access to the information they need.

“As one of the largest specialty medical groups in Oregon, it is important that our care seamlessly integrates with our primary care and hospital partners,” said Tom Sanchez, CEO of The Oregon Clinic. “Collaborations like this give us the best tools to serve our patients and better the health of our community.”