Epic Transition Information

On Monday, June 10, 2024, The Oregon Clinic transitioned to a new Electronic Health Record (EHR) system called Epic.  

Epic’s software provides patients with a single, comprehensive medical record that puts all necessary information at your doctor’s fingertips so they can spend more time focused on you. Epic is used by leading healthcare providers and hospitals across the country. It allows for better care coordination and secure sharing of patient health information between providers. 

We are excited to join the Epic community!  

Thank you for your understanding and patience with us during this transition. 

You may experience increased wait times when calling our clinics, during check-in, or at your appointment as our staff begin to use the Epic system. We appreciate your kindness with staff as we make improvements to better serve our patients. 

The following information will help you navigate communication changes with The Oregon Clinic during the next several months. If you have questions regarding your care and the move to Epic, please call your clinic

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MyChart Patient Portal

Epic’s patient portal, MyChart, allows you to securely access your electronic medical record and communicate with your healthcare team. Through MyChart, you will be able to see your medical information, manage your account balance, and much more.

With MyChart, you can: 

  • Use a computer or mobile app for access 
  • View all your MyChart providers in one place 
  • Securely message your care team 
  • Pay your bill online 
  • And much more! 

If you already have a MyChart account, it’s quick to connect to The Oregon Clinic through your existing account or log-in. Find out more on our MyChart information page.

If you’re new to MyChart, signing up is easy! You will need MyChart to message your care team and access new medical information. Check out our MyChart information page here.

Messaging Your Care Team at The Oregon Clinic

On Wednesday, June 5, 2024, InteliChart messaging ended.  

You will be able to message your doctor or practitioner through MyChart after your next appointment, or your clinic sends you a message in MyChart.

You will need a MyChart account in order to receive messages from your care team. Please sign up for an account if you are anticipating messages. You will not receive notification of messages unless you have a MyChart account.

Until your MyChart messaging is activated, please call your clinic to connect with your care team. Click here for The Oregon Clinic phone numbers. 

eCheck-in & Notification Changes

On June 6, 2024, our appointment reminders and pre-check in will change for future appointments.

4 days before your appointment: You’ll receive a text and/or email message to eCheck-In for your appointment. 

  • You don’t need a MyChart account to use eCheck-In  
  • Update your contact information and health history, add insurance information, and complete any required forms through eCheck-In before your appointment 
  • You have the option to create your MyChart account at the end of eCheck-In 

Here is an example of the eCheck-in screen:

2 days before your appointment: You will receive an appointment reminder via text, email, or/and phone, asking you to confirm your appointment. 

  • If you have a Virtual Visit, this reminder will include a link for your Virtual Visit.  More information about Virtual Visits through MyChart is available here.

Here is an example of an appointment reminder email for a video visit:

1 day before your appointment: You’ll receive an eCheck-In reminder if you haven’t checked in yet. 

Accessing Your InteliChart Patient Portal

Access to your existing InteliChart PatientPortal will not end on June 10, 2024. New medical record information will be available in MyChart, and you will continue to use InteliChart PatientPortal to access historical medical information such as lab results and past visit summaries.

You will not be able to message your care team through PatientPortal. Messaging is available through MyChart.

A link to the InteliChart PatientPortal will remain available on the MyChart Information page.