The Oregon Clinic Adds Cardiology as Newest Specialty

Friday, June 9, 2017

The Oregon Clinic

Cardiology will be the newest of The Oregon Clinic’s more than 30 specialties and subspecialties. Ten cardiologists and over 50 support staff will become part of The Oregon Clinic this September, serving patients at four locations: Salmon Creek, NW Portland, Tualatin, and Gresham. The addition of cardiology expands the scope of The Oregon Clinic’s expertise, allowing patients more continuity of care and broadening opportunities for collaboration between physicians in meeting the needs of patients.

Previously part of Northwest Cardiovascular Institute, this group of cardiologists will continue to see their patients at the same physical locations under a new name.

“We are looking forward to being part of a larger team and collaborating across specialties at The Oregon Clinic, while still being able to operate as private practice physicians,” said Dr. Patrick. “In today’s complicated healthcare landscape, it’s the best of both worlds.”

Joining The Oregon Clinic as of September 1, 2017 are nine board certified cardiologists:

  • Shawn Patrick, MD
  • Nandita Gupta, MD
  • Sandra Lewis, MD
  • Brendan Daly, MD
  • Nasreen Ilias-Khan, MD
  • Sandeep Garg, MD
  • Miguel Gomez, MD
  • Peter Banitt, MD
  • Jane Luu, MD

By joining The Oregon Clinic, these physicians retain their independence as private practice physicians, while gaining the wider organizational support from The Oregon Clinic, allowing them to focus on what is most important: providing patients the best possible care.

“Expanding The Oregon Clinic to include cardiology builds on our commitment to provide comprehensive, individualized care for every patient,” says Dr. Craig Fausel, President of The Oregon Clinic. “This high caliber team of cardiologists is a great addition to our clinic, and will benefit both our physicians and patients.”

The Oregon Clinic is the largest physician-owned specialty physician practice in Oregon, comprising more than 270 providers. With more than 1,100 employees, The Oregon Clinic serves more than 420,000 patients each year at 60 different locations. The new addition of cardiology will expand the practice and patients served, as well as allow for increased collaboration between our pulmonologists, surgeons and other specialists for all patients.