Large Donation Made to Oregon Food Bank by The Oregon Clinic’s Gateway Office Building

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Oregon Clinic

In an effort to give back to the community and help those in need, doctors, medical providers and staff at The Oregon Clinic’s Gateway Office Building donated a record amount of nonperishable items to the Oregon Food Bank.

Oregon Food Bank workers were impressed when they learned the amount of food collected totaled more than 3,700 pounds — and had to pick up three fully loaded pallets full of food at the medical building’s loading dock.  It was enough food to feed 74 families of four for three to five days.

“The compassion of our employees to help others in need is something I’ve always been proud of within The Oregon Clinic,” said Craig Fausel, president and CEO of The Oregon Clinic.  “Throughout the years we’ve made an effort to remember the importance of caring for the neighborhoods we work and live in.”

A competitive spirit between the many medical divisions spurred the food drive. The drive began early November and cans and other nonperishables were brought in weekly. The Imaging and Podiatry division team brought in the most totaling 614 pounds, averaging 51.2 pounds per employee.  Pounds per employees for other divisions and individuals included: Pulmonary, 26.3; Cardiology, 11.1; Gastroenterology 10.2; IT/Business Office Annex, 7.2; and ENT/Maintenance and Courier, 2.9.   The winning division team won a pizza lunch offered by Dr. Fausel.

In addition, raffle tickets were sold for Target and Fred Meyer gift cards donated by doctors and management.  The raffle collected $378 for the Oregon Food Bank.

The Oregon Clinic’s Gateway Building is located at 1111 NE 99th Ave. in Portland. Completed in September 2006 and home to 50 doctors and medical providers, the 100,000 square foot building received gold-level Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification in April 2007.