Get The Shot; Not The Flu

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Oregon Clinic

It is difficult to predict what type of flu we may see this year. Flu seasons are unpredictable for a variety of reasons: the timing, severity, and length of the season usually vary from one season to another.

We do know that the flu season peak is typically December to February, but we did see some cases as early as November last year. The time to vaccinate is now.

The newest information of interest to people is a recent NEJM article from August reporting improved efficacy of High-Dose vaccine as compared to standard-dose in adults older than 65. While high-dose vaccine is not the current recommendation given the timing of this new information, it should be a strong consideration for anyone that is high risk in the age range.

To find a flu vaccine location near you, go online to, or contact your primary care provider.