The Oregon Clinic CEO Tom Sanchez on Life Post-Covid and Staying Independent

Thursday, May 23, 2024

The Oregon Clinic

Tom Sanchez, CEO of The Oregon Clinic is featured in a May 22 article published in The Portland Business Journal. Tom spoke with healthcare reporter Elizabeth Hayes about how The Oregon Clinic has evolved since Covid emerged in March 2020.

Themes of the conversation include rebuilding from Covid, the growth of telehealth, embracing remote work for many employees and a subsequent move of the Central Administration office, and The Oregon Clinic’s commitment to remaining independent. The Oregon Independent Medical Coalition emerged as a source of statewide support during Covid and remains strong.

About the Coalition Tom said, “We’ve been able to connect with one voice around certain issues around independent health care in the state.”

He also spoke about the upcoming switch to Epic taking place on June 10, 2024, which will align The Oregon Clinic’s Electronic Health Record with the other major providers in Portland.

Read the full interview, available to subscribers: Oregon Clinic CEO Tom Sanchez on life post-Covid and staying independent – Portland Business Journal.