Epic Referral Information

The Oregon Clinic transitioned to the Providence instance of Epic on June 10, 2024. This impacts how you send referrals to The Oregon Clinic physicians.

IMPORTANT | Now that we have transitioned to EPIC, referrals sent to old TOC direct messaging addresses will bounce back. It is important to update your systems quickly so TOC gets your referrals.

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Referrals to TOC will become Internal Referrals and go directly into our clinic referral work queues. While this change will be automatic in the Epic database, you will need to manually update your clinic Favorites List.

Finding TOC Specialties and Doctors: As of June 10, 2024, all TOC clinic identifiers have been changed. To find a TOC division and physician:

  • Start a referral. In the Department search field enter “CC OTOC” for a full list of TOC divisions or add the first few letters of a division to narrow your search (i.e., CC OTOC CAR, for cardio). Find the TOC division list here
  • Only the TOC division is required. If the “to provider” field is left blank, our team will schedule with the appropriate physician on the first available date. If you would like to refer to a specific physician, click on the magnifying glass in the “To Provider” field.
  • If you would like to refer to a specific physician and do not know their TOC division, start by typing “provider finder” in the search bar at the top of the page. Search for your preferred physicians and the results will show their TOC division. Enter the correct division in the “department field” and continue through the steps as described above.
  • Reminder, delete any prepopulated addresses from the “Provider Finder” tool before searching as this will likely skew search results. 
  • It is a good idea to add TOC physicians to your Favorites Lists as you find them!

Favorites/Preference Lists

  • Remember to update Favorite Lists to avoid bounce back or lost referrals. TOC’s old TOC direct messaging addresses have been deactivated as of June 10, 2024.
  • The list of new TOC referral names/identifiers is available here.


If you use a non-Providence instance of Epic, your referrals to TOC continue to be External Referrals and will be received by direct messaging, CERM or fax.

  • TOC Direct Message Addresses Have Changed.
    • Surescripts has been updated with the new TOC Direct Message Addresses.The list of TOC’s new Direct Mail Addresses is available here.
    • Please work with your IT team to update your system with this new information.
    • It is important to upload/enter our new Direct Message Addresses as quickly as possible to ensure your referrals reach TOC.
    • You can fax referrals until you can upload our new information. Fax numbers are at Refer Your Patients, or you can use search field in the drop down menu above. 
    • Please revert to Direct Messaging as soon as possible. This is the most efficient way for us to process your referrals.
  • Care Everywhere Referral Management (CERM) is a part of the Care Everywhere system and allows referrals to be sent electronically within Epic. This is the most efficient way to send referrals and receive communications between Epic systems.
    • This functionality needs to be activated in your system and tested with the Providence Epic instance before you will be able to send referrals to TOC via CERM. Please work with your IT teams.


We will continue to receive your referrals through Direct Message, Phone or Fax. These referrals will be manually converted into Epic by our TOC clinic referral teams.

  • Important Note! TOC Direct Messaging Addresses have changed with the Epic transition.  You can download these new addresses from Surescripts, or they are available here.