Our History

Even after 23 years, some things never get old.

Be compassionate with your patients. Do what’s in their best interest. Have a healthy curiosity for how to best serve them. These may seem like new ideas for healthcare. But at The Oregon Clinic we’ve been doing just that for over 20 years. It’s helped our local specialists in over 30 areas earn a national reputation, and hopefully your confidence.

Specialty Medicine with Commitment, Care, and Compassion

Over the past 23 years, The Oregon Clinic has grown from a small group of six medical practices with forty physicians, to one of the largest specialty medicine practices in the country. Today, The Oregon Clinic is a patient-centered, data-driven, professional medical and surgical specialty practice that serves patients throughout the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area and beyond with more than 250 providers spanning over 30 specialties.

  • Largest physician-owned multi-specialty clinic in Oregon with more than 250 providers practicing over 30 medical and surgical specialties and sub-specialties and 850 employees
  • Founded in 1994 in Portland by 40 physicians across six specialty groups
  • Physicians are affiliated with one or more of the Portland-area hospital systems, but are independent practitioners
  • 60 locations across northwest Oregon and southwest Washington
  • Physicians hold leadership positions and directorships in collaboration with several of the major health care systems throughout the Portland metro area, while retaining private practice autonomy