Restorative Obesity Surgery, Endolumenally (ROSE)


Restorative Obesity Surgery, Endolumenally (ROSE) is an incisionless procedure to help patients reverse weight gain that can occur several years after gastric bypass surgery. Following initial gastric bypass surgery, most patients lose a significant amount of weight and experience a reduction in many weight-related health risks. Sometimes, through no fault of a patient or their surgeon, the results from gastric bypass are simply not permanent. Weight regain may occur because the stomach pouch and stoma (the connection between the stomach pouch and small intestine) have gradually enlarged, reducing the restriction that helps the patient feel full and limits food intake. By eliminating skin incisions, this revisional technique provides important advantages to patients, including, reduced risk of infection and associated complications, less post-operative pain, faster recovery time, and no abdominal scars. It is estimated that several years after their original bypass surgery, up to 20% of patients may experience some weight regain.

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What to Expect

To perform the ROSE procedure, The Oregon Clinic surgeons use a small flexible endoscope and an EndoSurgical Operating System™ (EOS) developed by USGI Medical Inc. The scope and the EOS are inserted through the mouth and into the stomach pouch. The EOS tools are then used to grasp tissue and deploy suture anchors to create multiple, circumferential tissue folds around the stoma, reducing the diameter of the opening. If needed, additional anchors are then placed in the stomach pouch to reduce its volume capacity. No cuts are made into the patient’s skin during the procedure.Ideal candidates for the ROSE procedure are patients who were initially successful losing weight after their gastric bypass and now are regaining weight. After an initial screening, candidates undergo a series of evaluations including nutritional and dietary counseling, a full medical exam and endoscopy to determine if they are good candidates.


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