Esophageal & gastric cancer


As experts in the esophagogastric cancer, our surgeons are facile at both prevention and treatment. Early diagnosis is the best way to achieve cure. In addition to high definition narrow band imaging diagnostic endoscopy, our surgeons are the only providers in Oregon to offer endomicroscopy with optical biopsy technology to diagnose dysplasia and early cancer. Our surgeons also offer a full range of organ sparing, advanced therapeutic endoscopic options to remove suspicious lesions and early cancer including radiofrequency ablation and endoscopic resection. Recently the Oregon Clinic Esophageal surgeons have introduced cryoablation as another useful ablative tool to the region. When esophagectomy is required, our surgeons maintain superior experience with > 1000 cases collectively. We emphasize oncologic principles and long-term quality of life through minimally invasive, vagal-sparing and en-bloc esophagectomy.