Chin (Submental) Liposuction


The proper angle of the neck-chin junction and a well-defined jawline represent one of the defining features of a youthful face. While this angle can be evident while looking at someone from the front, the loss of this angle is most evident while looking at them from their side profile. Fullness of the chin and/or a rounded out neck with poor jawline definition can create the illusion of premature aging or being overweight, even in people who are not. In some people, there is a hereditary tendency to lose this sharp neck-chin angle.

Facial liposuction, also called submental liposuction, is the removal of fat from under the chin using a suction device. In other words, it is a way to rid yourself of a double chin, jowls, or chubbiness under the chin. The incisions are very small and hide easily, and the recovery period is usually shorter than a traditional neck lift (although it is often done in conjunction with more extensive procedures).


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What to Expect

Liposuction of the chin and neck region works in two ways: volume reduction and tissue tightening. Using a very small tube inserted under the skin, suction is used to gently remove the excess fatty tissues of the neck. After the fat has been removed, a few days of compression (pressure) dressings allows the skin to ‘shrink’ and redrape to the new contour of the neck. The healing process that occurs under the skin following neck liposuction assists in tightening of the skin and underlying tissues. If you are not pleased with the loss of definition of your jawline, chin, and neck area, schedule a consultation with us to determine whether neck and chin liposuction is right for you.