Childbirth Injury


Most pregnancies end in an uncomplicated delivery. But for some women, the delivery can result in a maternal childbirth injury.

The pelvic floor muscles and nerves can be traumatized by delivery and function poorly afterwards. Women often say that the perineum no longer feels the same, and stool and bladder control may be difficult. These injuries may be immediately apparent or become recognized much later.

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The treatments for childbirth injury are individualized to the patient.

Frequently, there are temporary neuropathies after childbirth--it can take up to six months to regain pelvic muscle and nerve function. Some woman need additional support during this time frame and can benefit from different interventions such as education, physical therapy, medications, or even a pessary. Other women may require a surgery. This is frequently a very busy time for a new mother and many other factors, such as breast-feeding and desire for future fertility must be considered.