Pulmonologist Dr. Lou Libby Supports ALS Patients & Caregivers

Monday, May 4, 2015
The Oregon Clinic

Dr. Lou Libby has been closely involved in the care of patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) for his entire career, spanning over thirty years as a pulmonologist. In addition to caring for literally hundreds of ALS patients, he has been involved in the public fight to find a treatment and eventually a cure for this disease.

He is the immediate past president of the ALS Association of Oregon and SW Washington. He is presently on the National Board of Trustees for the ALS Association: the group that received the lion’s share of more than $125 million dollars from this past summer’s Ice Bucket Challenge. 

He serves on the National Research and Care Services Committees and in these roles has been intimately involved in decisions about how to use that money to benefit patients with ALS, and to find an effective treatment and cure. 

Dr. Libby was a founding member of the local ALS Association in 1999, and participates in fundraising activities, including the Ride to Defeat ALS every summer. Local fundraising provides funds for research, as well as services to help ALS patients and their families: including a medical equipment loan closet, the local multidisciplinary ALS clinic, the alternative communication technology program, patient and caregiver support groups, respite care grants and in-home caregiving financial support.

Learn more about Dr. Libby by visiting his online profile at oregonclinic.com/LouLibby