Virtual Visits: Instructions for Android

STEP 1: Prior to your appointment, download free Microsoft Teams app from App Store/Play Store. It is best to do this at least one day before your appointment to allow for troubleshooting.

STEP 2: Open App Store/Play Store and search for “Microsoft Teams”

STEP 3: Download Microsoft Teams by clicking Install. Once the Teams application is installed, you can close out of the application and you do not need to setup an account.

STEP 4: Open calendar appointment invitation from your email or calendar.

STEP 5: Click the “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” link.

STEP 6: When asked what to Open with - Select Teams

STEP 7: Click Join as Guest

STEP 8: Enter Name (First and Last) and click Join Meeting.

STEP 9: If you get the following message, click Allow

STEP 10: You may see the following screen until the visit has started.

STEP 11: Click camera icon to share your video with the provider. If you are prompted to allow access to camera click OK.

Control Bar Key for Android Phone or Tablet

  • Camera button turns on and off webcam
  • Microphone button turns on and off microphone
  • Speaker button allows you to switch to speaker phone or mute.
  • 3 dots button gives you options to share photos.
  • Red box with phone ends the visit (don’t click until visit is over)


Please set up your device before your appointment to allow time for troubleshooting. 

For help with technology, please call 503-488-2488.