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Please note that our Broadway office ("Neurology - East") will close starting on October 23, 2014. Our physicians will be consolidating to our location at Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center ("Neurology - West"). Please call us if you have any questions about our transition.

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Parts of the Body: 

Our Team

The Oregon Clinic - Neurology specialty treats diseases associated with the nervous system, which may affect a patient`s brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles. Our neurologists are highly trained in dealing with a wide range of neurological diseases, always with the goal of optimizing our patient`s quality of life. Many also teach resident doctors, medical students and regularly contribute to medical journals, text books and important research.

Areas of Focus:
General Neurology, Parkinson's disease
Areas of Focus:
Areas of Focus:
Electroencephalogram (EEG) Monitoring, Long-Term Monitoring, Video Electroencephalogram (EEG) Monitoring
Areas of Focus:
Areas of Focus:
Epilepsy, Electroencephalogram (EEG) Monitoring, Integrative Medicine Informed Neurology
Areas of Focus:
Insomnia, Narcolepsy & Diseases of Excessive Daytime Sleepiness, Neurological Diseases, Parasomnias, Restless Leg Syndrome, Sleep Apnea
Areas of Focus:
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Electromyogram (EMG) & Nerve Conduction Studies, Nerve and Muscle Diseases
Areas of Focus:
Parkinson's disease, Tremor, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Electromyogram (EMG) & Nerve Conduction Studies, Nerve and Muscle Diseases, Neurological Complications of Rheumatic diseases

Conditions & Procedures

Our neurologists evaluate, diagnose and treat symptoms such as headaches, back pain, seizures and dizziness. We also care for patients with multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons disease, ALS (Lou Gehrigs disease), brain tumors, sleep disorders, stroke, and other neurological disorders.

Botox Injection for Migraine
Carotid Ultrasound & Transcranial Doppler
Electromyogram (EMG)
Nerve Conduction Study
Omaya Tap/ Reservoir Chemo
Spinal Puncture
Tensilon Testing
Trigger Point & Occipital Nerve Injection

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Commonly Requested Forms & Information: 

Please visit the office location page of your physician to print check-in forms, procedure instructions, medical history forms, and other helpful information. Please call your physician's office if you have any questions.